Monday, May 23rd, 2016

What is a good web site do online stock trading on?

Im looking for a web site is cheap and That as user friendly as possible. Looking to Get into the stockmarket.


9 Responses to “What is a good web site do online stock trading on?”
  1. therernonameleft says:

    i use scott trade.

  2. jkc19452004 says:

    Quick & Reilly is a good one. Go to “google” and search the web address..

  3. MacLeod_73 says:

    I like Scottrade too, but it’s the first one I’ve used and don’t really have anything to compare it to. The trades I’ve done have been very quick and I’ve had no problems with them- their customer service is really good, and the site itself is very easy to use. Their commission is $7 per trade.

  4. Hutub says:

    l If your looking, you obviously don’t know too much about stock trading, so what you need to do is take some classes before you begin, and loose your pants like myself and allot of day-traders have done..

  5. dlowdog says:

    I use 4.00 trades. They only sell stocks that met their approval, but most can still be bought. A very user freindly site. No minimum deposit and no inactivity fees!!!

  6. Mr. Hoke says: $4 per auto-investment buy so long as you just choose one stock each month. Choose stocks between $1 and $5 per share that are underperforming when you look at the charts. Then sell ($15.95 to sell).

    The auto-investment choice is made on Monday before 5 e.s.t. then they make the trade sometime on Tuesday. That lag is a minor risk so long as you pick a stock that doesn’t jump around within a 24hour period.

  7. Oooo says:

    From my investigation, it appears that ScottsTrade will be your best bet for now. As you get more experienced, you can move to other companies. Tradestation could be one of them at a later date.

  8. Paul says:

    It is a good idea to do online stock tradting. I would recommend you to check the website below where you can learn more on shares and stocks trading and also how to select best stocks online.
    Hope it helps

  9. Xfactor says:

    Stick with Scottrade or TD Ameritrade.

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