Friday, July 10th, 2015

What is Forex Trading – for Beginners – Part 2

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10 Responses to “What is Forex Trading – for Beginners – Part 2”
  1. albertolorusso says:

    why it does not have east type has some commentary on its tutorials?

  2. jevonneduanerenee says:

    he is too boring

  3. afqawq says:

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  4. gerardytouch says:

    I’m a new forex beginner. I have a question. Because forex most likely moves up and down so why don’t we keep placing sell when it moves down and when it move back up, we place buy and keep doing it for the whole day for any pip profit. It may sound idiot but I just don’t get this.

  5. vid3otube says:

    thanks for gr8 INFORMATION? n

  6. omfggoogle says:

    Lol @ jevonneduanerenee

  7. omfggoogle says:

    albertolorusso @ has

  8. MrShuje says:

    good information

  9. jobitsamuel says:

    Nice presentation. . . where I can find the further videos?

  10. 750nutcase says:

    Wheres part3?

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