Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

What is Forex Trading ? | How To Learn Forex Trading Systems

www.MyTopGuide.com — What is Forex Trading ? | How To Learn Forex Trading Systems WAYYYYYYY too many people in the financial industries (stocks, futures, Forex, finance) blow smoke at you and sell you smiles – why should these guys be different right? When we all finally sat down on this guy’s Louis Vuitton couch and sipped some 25 year old Macallan Single Malt Scotch served by our own personal bartender, we were not only impressed but knew this isn’t some basement dwelling robot building chop shop that simply strips and rebuilds what’s already out there, looking to make a few bucks and sell us a rehashed version of something that doesn’t work in the first place (We even bought a few like that during our research just to test against this one). At the time, he showed us a 76% profit on avg. over long periods, and it never had a losing month (so they claimed). …. So I said: “SHOW ME” Out comes the laptop, and I get my first look at what I would NEVER have guessed was about to make me financially independent for the rest of my life! Here is the first glimpse of the PFR system, once we got done with tweaking and implementing countless strategies into the code taken from our data, research and secret strategies used during our trader days. We had more than enough info to determine quite the overlap in our worlds, and now with more upgrades, the PFR system sits at an 86.3% profit avg month to month!! Answer that question here : www.MyTopGuide.com


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