Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

What is Technical Analysis?

What is Technical Analysis? Technical analysis stock prices Means Analyzing what do Behavior and Its like using technical data charts, etc. Indicators. This Will Provide Psychological Behavior of us peoples in capital market. So technical analysis is all about future and predict future price using past price Regularities Probability and Movements. This Makes our trading practices and Gives better or fruitful result to your account. For doing all this for only making profit by forecasting stock price over time in order Period of buy or sell to Those stocks. Emphasis in technical analysis to make profit That is from trading, not to own stocks Consider saving or as investment. Technical analysis Advantage Gives Investors and traders to bother also. Anyone can use technical analysis investment horizon over and Stock! Technical analysis tool is for Identifying Various market situation in so That You Can Buy stocks are trading at When They lows and sell Them When They dump rises in price or in Adverse Conditions Them They crashes! And one of the MOST Advantages That is, you Can rotate your stock and capital Allocating Among Several MOST Highest To That with gains. ?Technical analysis is all about spotting good trade Probability for minutes to years to execute trades and mints money with the help of that. In-adverse condition, Gives us Technical analysis Existence of exit plan and limits the loss Risk. And Without technical analysis, stock holding Without an end in mind concept of On Some hypothetical value is to take 100% Risk. So Think About UNITECH, DB REALITY, MONEY MATTERS etc and Satyam Computers. Whose all companies stock prices failed Almost gone to zero, Even Though Opportunities expert in buying as Told Them till last minute! Preventing and controlling Practically Losses That is more important for home outright profit seeking technical trader. Trading Trading with Technical Means That plan identifier Potential Losses and Potential gains for every trade ahead of time. Important Thing Is That, You have to select your technical tool trading Specially That match your style With Your sensitivity to Risk. Last but not least, follow all trading rules That you are here about, Such as “Cut Your Losses and let your winners run” arise from technical professional traders.

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