Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

What is the best online stock trading platform for beginners?

I’m looking now to invest some money in some penny stocks and such. Nothing serious, s? What a couple of hundreds of d? Dollars m? Or less. . . . s? what to learn c? it works and get started. ? Qu? platform should be used in regard to making BAJA TRADES amount d? dollars. . . Scottrade, ETrade, ING, currency, etc. . . When I say amount d? Low dollars, or about $ 200. 00 per transaction? N. . . that seems like a good amount of money I can learn the ropes.

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One Response to “What is the best online stock trading platform for beginners?”
  1. Blade M says:

    I think this site, sogotrade is pretty decent, $3 per trade, and gets 100 free trades.

    good luck my fd.

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