Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

What is the best online stock trading site for the casual investor?

Would I expect to make 1 to 3 trades a month.


6 Responses to “What is the best online stock trading site for the casual investor?”
  1. Satish Radhakrishnan says:

    This will be based on the country you are living in. Mostly the largest banks & trading houses in that country will have online trading sites. For eg., in India, the largest stock trading site belongs to the largest private sector bank, ICICI Bank. Similarly, there are other options like Sharekhan, Geojit, Religare etc.
    I would suggest you can browse through your country pages in or for the best options.

  2. Tina says:

    I love my Wells Fargo Brokerage accounts. I get 100 free trades a year on each account. All you need to open a PMA Portfolio Management Account is $25,000. That portfolio can have a checking, a Visa card, a debit card, CDs, IRAs any of the products they offer. That means you can have that $25,000 all spread out and get those free trades. Check it out: “”

  3. A nobody says:

    In the US, all most evey brokerage firms, as well as most major banks, provide on-line trading for their clients.

    Why not look into some of the most popular – Charles Schwab & Co; Scottrade Inc; TDAmeritade; Fidelity investments; E-Trade;

    Just go on any business site like MSN Money or Yahoo Finance and look for broker ads.

    Good luck

  4. jebediabartlett says:

    Scottrade makes all their facilities…research, charts, trading info, etc available to the smallest accounts….all with a reasonable commission. Might as well have it available , even if you’re not using it right now.
    I trade with Fidelity and E*trade but converse with many traders/investors…my next account will be with Scottrade.

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