Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

what is the best online stock trading website?

I want? to start buying and selling in l? line values. I’m looking for long-term investment securities. In other words, I will not change the actions that often, but I want to reduce the commission? n if possible. stability and accountability of the trading company is one preoccupations? No principal too? n.

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3 Responses to “what is the best online stock trading website?”
  1. Al in NC says:

    If you only have a small sum of money to invest and will not trade very often you could enroll in the Sharebuilder “BASIC” automatic investment plan. The basic plan does not charge a subscription fee.
    The commission charge is $4.00 per transaction using the plan.
    Major disadvantages: Within the plan you can only buy/sell stock on Tuesday’s. Real-time trading commission is $9.95.

    I use Scotttrade.
    NO account maintenance, service, or inactivity fees.
    $7.00 online trading commission for stock over $1.00 a share.

  2. Serious M says:

    google for HSFX Asset Management and start making money!


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