Sunday, July 24th, 2016

What is the best online trading stock site to buy penny stocks?

I want to invest in penny stocks and the main towns, but some major trading online brokers penny No offering of securities. What use / which is best?

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6 Responses to “What is the best online trading stock site to buy penny stocks?”
  1. Edward N. says:

    ZVTK & MCLN look very promising.

    I used Scottrade to buy these, but in order to buy penny stocks you have to fund your account through a bank transfer or send them a check.

  2. nathan2484 says:

    the best site i personalty use is all thought they don’t have a wide selection of penny stocks but they do have one of the lowest comition rates so that why i use them so i can maximize the tottal profit i make of my penny share investments

  3. Common Sense says:

    My favorite brokers are;
    Interactive Brokers

    I use ThinkOrSwim mostly. Great platform with exceptional charting. Interactive Brokers is cheaper, platform is very hard to learn. Tradestation has a good reputation (not as god as TOS).

    You can trade penny stocks on any of them. They won’t even ask you the most important questions….. like;
    Do you have at least 5 years successful trading experience in larger cap stocks?
    Do you have exceptional trading money management skills?
    Are you exceptionally good with technical analysis?

    If you haven’t heard of these brokers;
    They are cositantly rated in the top 5 best on-line brokers.. year after year by Barron’s Magazine.

    Never place a trade unless you’re using a limit order (with any stocks below $10).
    If you don’t know what a limit order is…. you’re years away from being ready to trade penny stocks.

  4. Max M says: is best for both beginners and professionals.

  5. keithsan says:

    I use ameritrade has some bells and whistles. Before you start trading penny stocks you may want to read this article I found called should you buy penny stocks

    Good luck its a tough market

  6. elke says:

    RHB Investment Bank’s would be the best site to trade Malaysian stocks. Only site with stock screener for Bursa Malaysia to screen for Penny stocks.

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