Friday, August 14th, 2015


2 Responses to “What is the best stock trading simulator software?”
  1. Richard F says:

    I am using Strategy Desk from TD Ameritrade. It is both fake and real. You can see if what you did would have been right for any period. Yahoo! Finance can be used to make mock portfolios and see how they do. I have used Fcharts and Gannalyst. I like the latter because it is configurable to my needs. There have been others, but not worth mentioning.

  2. Scottrade says:

    Hi Scott

    There are several virtual trading platforms out there that will allow you to test out your trading strategies. They typically give you a set amount of “virtual money” to place pseudo trades with, using delayed stock market quotes. has a virtual trading platform you can use. Go to>Trading Platforms> ScottradeELITE> See the Demo, or go to this url: Once you’ve registered, they start you out with $100,000 of virtual money. (The terms and conditions can be found on that same page.)

    Good luck to you!
    (p.s. I posted this information under your other question as well.)


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