Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

what is the best way to do online stock trading for a first time starter who has no knowledge of trading?

I am completely new way of thinking of starting to trade in l? Line of reserves. But because information deceit bears many and I am m? S unclear which one to trust. I think this place is where people share their own experiences.

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4 Responses to “what is the best way to do online stock trading for a first time starter who has no knowledge of trading?”
  1. Jeff S says:

    Go to and check it out.

  2. anthony s says:

    The first thing you must do before you begin to invest in stocks is to define your long term and short term goals. You will need to determine why do you want to invest in stocks and not put your money into other investmnet vehicles.

    Once you have determined these factors, you must determine how much time and effort you will have to devote to your investing. There are different strategies and styles that suit different people. What works for one perston may not suit another. Some of the information you will run across on the Internet will be good and some of it will be worthless. It is up to you to develop your own investment style and objectives. Then go out and find stocks that fit your defined creiteria.

    Just starting out you should read all of the information that you can about investing in stocks. There are web sites to teach the beginner how to invest in stocks. Yow will need to learn how to pick your own stocks and not rely on the advice of others. If you rely on another person’s advice you will surely lose money in the long run.

    So the bottom line is to become as knowledeable as possible about stock investing. Define your investment goals and develop a plan. Then just stick to your plan.

  3. slavaret2 says:


    and follow the pros’ picks for a while.


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