Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

what is the cheapest commissions for stock trading?

Hello? Cu? They are the m? S cheap commissions at all I found to buy and sell shares? But? Orders continue to run FAST. ? There are places that will let you? unlimited trades for a flat fee?

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4 Responses to “what is the cheapest commissions for stock trading?”
  1. x says:

    yes. They are called ECNs

    Google search for stock trading broker cheapest commission etc etc.

    As a beginner I recommend you paper trade till you get good at it. There is huge potential for you to lose your money.

  2. Ted says:

    Brokers use the money you pay in commissions to build good computer networks and quality trading stations and cover the cost of providing service.

    Don’t expect rock bottom commissions AND good service.

    There are some companies that get paid for “order flow”. In other words, they don’t clear their trades directly; they get paid by some other dealer to route the order through them. The other dealer can then get a large volume and manipulate the spread and make money that way. That’s why they’re willing to pay. How this effects you is that you get a lousy fill price. Your “commission” is a couple cents a share less than what I pay but the price you paid for the stock is many cents above what I pay, so you don’t come out ahead.

  3. Blade M says:

    this is what I found the cheapest so far, three bucks per trade.

    Anyone has lower?

  4. sumesh_tewatia says:

    I will recommend Sogo Trade. Initially they will give you 100 free trades and then 25 extra when you refer someone.
    After these 100 you will get $3 per trade. But you can upgrade to premium account and get $1.5 per trade/ unlimited shared for just $10 a month.

    Can anyone beat that??
    You can use this code when you create account 339749 or the link below.

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