Thursday, November 16th, 2017

What is the cheapest way of doing stock trading?

Trat? l trade in? line with electronic commerce? mail, which charges $ 14 for a trade. ? There a way to m? S cheap l? Nea / l trade in? Line?


3 Responses to “What is the cheapest way of doing stock trading?”
  1. jeff410 says:

    Scottrade only charges $7.00. for market orders. You can also buy stock directly from some companies, without paying commissions. Here is a list.

  2. limabean says:

  3. cran says:

    I get charged $9.99 from etrade. The more you trade, the lower your commissions. Scottrade is only $7. I use them often as well. is great if you want to buy stocks direct (like what the previous answerer mentioned) but not good for “trading”. I just dumped my WMT shares that I have been accumulating for 3 yrs and it cost $15 for the transaction.

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