Monday, January 26th, 2015

what is the difference between day trading and regular stock trading?

I have it? Do you need an INVESTMENT? N 25,000 to a trader of d? A, is the truth to regulate trade? and cu? is the difference?


4 Responses to “what is the difference between day trading and regular stock trading?”
  1. Max says:

    Day trading is when you buy a stock and hope that the price goes up in the next minute or two and then sell it.

    You do this all day long.

    Regular trading is buying a stock and hope that it goes up in days, weeks, months, or years.

  2. Ted P says:

    Day trading basically means buying some stock or other financial instrument within the course of the day and selling or relinquishing your position by the end of the trading day making a profit or loss.

    In regular stock trading you hold your position longer than a day. Yes, you do need substantial resources for day trading to make make a sizable profit.

  3. Ikram says:

    In day trading u can sell also why in regular stock trading u only buy & u need less money also for a day trade then a regular trade

  4. Max M says:

    Day trading is more frequent and you see if the stock will go up or down in a minute or two. While, regular stock trading is more long term leading into years.

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