Saturday, October 1st, 2016

What is US response to the Alternative Investment Market for stock trading?

U.S. companies listed on AIM are Being Nominated advisors and using (nomad). The U.S. is Responding. The question related to the process for getting a listed company and the associated jargon. There are sites That Will Further Explain what this is call and how it works?


4 Responses to “What is US response to the Alternative Investment Market for stock trading?”
  1. jigar master blaster says:

    GOD KNOWS !!

  2. pope leo says:

    AIM is part of the London Stock Exchange, so check their website. Essentially it is very similar to the main LSE market but reporting and regulation requirements are lower, to reflect the fact that these are smaller companies with a smaller trading history.

    I’d be amused to hear how you think the US is responding. Basically this is happening because no one wants to list in New York and be forced to meet the new Sarbannes Oxley Act requirements. Unless Congress is prepared to repeal that Act (politically unacceptable) there is nothing they can do. The impact has been amazing, London is close to over taking New York as the financial capital of the free world.

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  4. Bunny says:

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