Sunday, June 26th, 2016

What online stock brokers allow day-trading without a minimum?

I’ve Looked at Several brokers to do with day trading, But They all seem to require a minimum of $ 25,000 in the account. I appreciate Anyone Who Finds That I am a broker does not have a minimum trading day! Thanks – Tyler


4 Responses to “What online stock brokers allow day-trading without a minimum?”
  1. Jim says:

    Scottrade is great. I recently graduated college so I dont have much money to throw around. I started an account with $300 and I can place as many trades as I like at only $7 a trade.

    Hmmm, I think Scottrade owes me for that one! (seriously, though, I’ve been very happy with them.)

  2. Bill Q says:

    It’s federal law that you need $25,000. You can try a shady overseas broker, but it’s illegal…

  3. SnowShot says:

    I use Etrade and i started my account with $2,000, only down fall is it’s $12.99 a trade

  4. idunil_106 says:

    Commodity Trading Broker And Its Role

    The function of a commodity broker is to act as an intermediary in trade between the speculative market and investors interested in buying them. The commodities broker is generally responsible for the sale or purchase of company stock and securities, negotiated agreements and, in some cases acts as a mediator in a profit…

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