Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

What online stock trading company should I use? I want to use 2000 to purchase a stock?

Someone may recommend an online trading company, as ScottTrade, eTrade, Ameritrade, etc, offering low rates can u tell me about their experiences? I want to buy a thousand or two of a population at low prices, what are the limits if you wanted to take the money back after a year of positive growth? Please help, the economy sucks.

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4 Responses to “What online stock trading company should I use? I want to use 2000 to purchase a stock?”
  1. muncie birder says:

    Scottrade should work well for you. It is the least expensive of those you mentioned. I personally use Ameritrade but it is slightly more expensive.

  2. boer84 says:

    I use Sharebuilder (or ING Direct)

    I don’t like paying the commission, but to get over that I buy a lot of stocks at a time to offset the commision. I only use the basic investment options, but you can sign up for a account with more options, which you pay a monthly fee for, but you pay less fees when buying stocks or mutual funds. Most mutual funds they sell you have to pay a $1000.00 minimum or a monthly payment of $100 till the minimum amount is met

    Hope this help.

  3. pokeskickazzzz says:

    I use TDAmeritrade and have for years…. I really like it but if ScottTrade existed at the time I probably would have gone with them since they are cheaper

  4. scottrade is good for beginners! says:

    I love Scot trade . It works good for me. Scottrade 7 free trade number: MRPK4807 . Open the new Scottrade account? Type this referral number: MRPK4807, both you and me can get 7 free trades. Thank you! Hope you make great money with Scottrade.

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