Monday, February 23rd, 2015

What operating system does stock trading work on best?

I noticed that Windows in my port? Til operates under constant attack and read about the virus constantly and a long list of malware in Windows. There are times when the software is closed or inaccessible. That does not work for negotiation strategies? No, because if you can not respond to the market, and est? resolved, cooked. “


One Response to “What operating system does stock trading work on best?”
  1. orlandobillybob says:

    I understand your concerns, but the main issue shoould be to lock your windows system down. You can switch to Linux or Mac as these OS’s are not ‘targeted’ as much as windows, but you have many other issues at that point.

    Just learn how to lock your windows system down, and dont do questionable things on your computer like downloading free music/movies/software. You will be “as safe” as you would be on another OS.

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