Thursday, November 16th, 2017

What percentage of my invested money should I expect back daily from online stock trading?

I am 15 years old. I plan on investing in stocks online very soon. What Percentage of my Invested cash Should I be Able to return daily? For example, Should I be “aiming” to make 10% Each Day?


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  1. Viper says:

    if people knew the answer to this question than we would all be rich, and the stock market wouldn’t be the gamble/risk it is.

  2. Epsilon Eridani says:

    I would look at this article that covers a lot of investment information. It’s no sale, no email address form, nothing like that, just a pure article with information and nothing more:

  3. zman492 says:

    If you started with $1,000 and made 10% every day you would be the richest man in the world in less than a year. That is not going to happen.

    If you are looking at daily results it sounds like you are more interested in day-trading than long-term investing. Most day traders lose money, so you should expect to lose money if you try day trading.

    Even the best traders lose money on some trades. One of the keys to successful trading is to avoid large losses trying to turn a loss into a gain. If you make a mistake it is far better to close your position for a small loss instead of waiting to close it until after it has become a large loss.

    If you can make one percent a week you will be doing far better than most professional traders, so that would be a much more reasonable target. Just remember you will not hit the target every week. Some weeks you will lose money, other weeks you may make much more than one percent.

  4. Ezekiel says:

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  5. nt10000 says:

    Don’t do anything without having a plan or a strategy to follow. The other answerers are right in that if you go into day-trading or short term trading unless you know what you are doing you WILL lose.

    Remember as many as 95% of traders lose, so unless you know what you are doing the chances are you will join that category.

    There are a number of good beginners strategies you could try. One of those is Ten Steps To Profitable Trading at

    Give that a go first.

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