Friday, April 15th, 2016

What school or person is good to learn Day Trading?

I am looking to invest in day trading, But Need to Know That dog from someone lead me to the right school or instructor.


11 Responses to “What school or person is good to learn Day Trading?”
  1. joe s says:

    Don’t waste your money.

    All you need to know is buy low sell high and sell high and buy low.

  2. Jay says:

    Day trading doesn’t work. Those that teach it are either just taking your money or they’re profiting from YOUR mistakes.

    Really, it doesn’t work. Anyone that says that you’ll make a fortune is a liar. Run!

    Want to make money? Buy stock in a few stable companies, in different sectors (“diversification”) and then hold. Easiest way to do this is to buy an index fund or ETF. Holding is the key. Dumping every day, bad idea.

  3. Invor says:

    Instructors rather do their day trading than teach you at school.

  4. Barry_Robbins_98 says:

    You can practice daytrading without losing any real money at – this is a free site that lets you create a portfolio of stocks with $100,000 in “play” money. Each day the site ranks the best performing portfolios, so you can see how your picks perform compared to other investors. You can read posts on investing from the best traders, as well as share your own investing ideas. There is a charting feature, so you can see how your portfolio performs compared to the S&P 500. Also, you can create your own “group” so that you can see how you are doing compared to your friends.

    Here are this month’s best traders:

    Good luck.

  5. Adam P says:

    Day trading aint worth it, average daily return on the market is 0%!

  6. Zentheman says:

    You might like to do your training online:

    Using options for leverage…
    Teleseminar Registration Page:

    Other Trading go here..check links:

    Trading videos:

  7. zuyun k says:

    All the comments above are somewhat true, but I found an actual school that is recognized by nasdaq and maintained an A rating for years. Check out They povide hands on training. You will practice with their money until you get it. then you can use yours

  8. bijak_sinner says:

    Bsmtprediction provides users with FREE access to daily AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF & USD/JPY forecasts through this website. At Any Time / Any Day (we’ll straight away post the signals here in real-time if there’s any triggered) 1 hour, 4 hours & daily forecasts are published on this site. The predictions are good from the moment they are published until either it reached the take profit target, hitted the stop loss or another new prediction of the same currency & timeframe unveils on the same / following day. Essentially, the prices shown are for an unknown period.. That’s why we encourage you to subscribe our FREE Google Groups newsletter to get the latest signal updates sent to your e-mail from the very 1st minute it was published..

  9. DashDash says:

    Before you pay for school or instruction, familiarize yourself with the basics. You can get all the basic information you want for free on the web. To get started learning how to read charts, go to

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