Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

What software for stock trading would you recommend?

I am currently using: Fidelity Active Trader Pro Investments, But That is not good enough. I need something very powerful and required with add on indicators. Please help! Thanks!


4 Responses to “What software for stock trading would you recommend?”
  1. Good_Faith says:


  2. JohnGalt says:

    I like Ensign (ensignsoftware.com). 30 day free trial, and it can use several different datafeeds. I use it with InteractiveBrokers and do not have to pay any data fees that way, just a $30 monthly software charge.

  3. cme says:

    i am using metastock9
    it is very powerful with add on indicators
    it is just great!

  4. Eyal says:

    You can’t beat QuoteTracker for the features and price. Actually, even if price wasn’t an issue I’d still use QuoteTracker.

    You didn’t say what kind of trading you do, this greatly affects the criteria influencing the decision which s/w to go with, and also if you’re willing to change brokers or not since some tools are tied to specific brokers but in any case other ones you can consider:

    Independent platforms:
    DTN IQ
    R/T Investor

    Tied to a broker:
    ThinkorSwim platform

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