Sunday, October 16th, 2016

What’s a cheap online stock trading option?

I want an society? Trading nima l? Line that lists shares at low rates, percentage of commission? No choice.

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    6 Responses to “What’s a cheap online stock trading option?”
    1. automaticStabilizer says:

      Depends on where you are from. I use BARX

    2. try2help says:

      Tradeking has pretty good rates, and a flexible trading platform. You get what you pay for with on line brokerage companies, that is to say if you pay a little more you will get more features for research.

    3. Sunny ? says:
      real time trades $9.95 per trade.

    4. Common Sense says:

      As long as you’re not a new investor;
      Interactive Brokers
      Terranova Trading

      If you’re a new trader (less than 2 years experiance);
      Charles Schwab

    5. William B says:

      I use TradeKing for trading options and stocks $2 and more.
      They charge 4.95 per trade (options have a .65 extra fee per contract).

      For stocks under $2 I like Scottrade because they charge $7, and except for the real cheap stocks, they don’t charge an extra per share charge that TradeKing and the other brokerages do.

    6. gethoht says:

      I use because I like to dabble in options and I like the platform. offers 10 free trades a month, with cheap trades thereafter.

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