Monday, January 26th, 2015

What’s the best way for a beginning stock trader to start trading stocks?

Could you? To take the relevant websites for beginning stock traders to help them? to know what? people be? a better for them to begin trading and indicators to learn to recognize cu? ndo buy and sell action? n.

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6 Responses to “What’s the best way for a beginning stock trader to start trading stocks?”
  1. sirtitan45 says:

    I recommend you read, The Intelligent Investor, by Ben Graham.

    My best advice to you. Buy when it’s doom and gloom and sell when everything is merry!

  2. cruisingalong says:

    I don’t really look at websites for stock info too much but if you ever watched mad money w/cramer–”booya” He does have some valid ideas and points.he’s on in the evenings around 10 pm. Penny stocks may work as a starting point, but really I think pharmacuticals are the way to go. Oh and by the way I did save a lot of money on my car insurance.

  3. Founder, says:

    I see you are interested in investing in the stock markets. Start trading stocks is as simple as opening a trading account and then picking a stock and then buy. However, that simplicity is truly the wolf beneath the sheep’s skin.

    There are quite a number of things you need to learn before you can even start thinking of the stock markets …

    1. You need to understand how the stock market works and what it is exactly about.

    2. You need to know what are the different styles of trading in stocks and shares.

    3. You need to read about why so many people lose their shirts in the stock markets so that you can avoid their mistakes and also decide if this is a risk you want to take.

    For all these issues and more, you can read about them from some of the articles that I wrote at

    After you are adequately armed with the basic concepts and ideas, you need to know how to find profitable stocks to trade or invest in. You can do that the easy way by subscribing to stock pick services (example ) or you can learn to use charting tools and softwares to find stocks with parameters that you can pre-define. (example

    Remember, the slogan “Just Do It”, Just won’t do for the stock markets. If profiting in the stock markets is as simple as buying a single stock , then why are so many people still poor?

    After you have all the above mentioned knowledge, you need to ask the following golden questions before you can decide whether a stock is worth buying or not :

    1. Why are you of the opinion that this stock will rise?

    2. Is your opinion valid in the first place?

    3. When are you expecting it to rise? Can you hold on for that period of time or longer?

    4. What is your expected entry price? After what price would your expected profit margin be too thin to enter upon?

    5. Where is your expected stop loss point? What is your stop loss point based on? Where will you tell yourself that it is time to take a loss and get out?

    6. Where is your expected profit taking point? What is your profit taking point based on?

    7. Does the way you are buying the stock allow you to hold on until your expected profit taking point?

    8. How much of your money should you dedicate to this one trade?

    9. What is the level of primary, secondary and idiosyncratic risk you are undertaking when deciding how much of your fund to use?

    10. What is your cashflow need? Does your cashflow needs allow you to hold the full lifetime of the stock?

    After you are able to answer all these questions confidently, THEN you are ready to… PAPER TRADE your stock strategy. Yes, even at this point, you are NOT READY to trade for real. You should trade on PAPER for at least 6 months and become consistently successful BEFORE you take your stock strategy into real life.

    Then.. you are ready to start… but there is still no guarantee of success as paper trading is very different from real trading. You will need another maybe 1 year or 2 trading very little money and be consistently successful BEFORE you are ready to increase your stakes.

    So, as you can see, success in the stock markets is not easy at all the the less knowledge you have, the more risk you undertake. I lost hundreds of thousands in the stock markets before I become successful.

    Take heed and good luck.

    All in all, investment and trading is a lifelong education and non stop learning. No one is ever done learning and catching up with changes in the markets.

    If you care to read about how I went from completely broke to retired millionaire trading stocks and options by 28 years old, you can go to

    Hope these information helps.


  4. zyberianwarrior says:

    Founder nailed it (way to go) zecco and penny stocks should be avoided like the plague. Charles Schwab is the only broker I can immediately think of that will help you out your endeavors. Good Luck.

  5. impact_player419 says:

    Watch Mad Money on CNBC, Ive taken some of Cramers advuse and made a few hundred bucks. I also suggest that before you invest in individual stocks you should first get a good no load mutual fund to get the hang of the market. Mutual funds are less risky.

  6. tradingtimers says:

    Try this site. The book is written by a guy named Kevin Brown….good stuff.

    There are some free chapters you can download that give you the “down low” on what is really goes on in trading stocks. Most of the advice you will see here are from casual investors and not hard core traders. Also try for more free articles and info. It’s run by a guy only known by “Craig”

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