Monday, October 9th, 2017

when are the taxes taken out in stock trading?

Then say I buy and sell a stock Later making a profit of 100 dollars. When Would the taxes on my profit Be taken from me, When I sell the stock or at the end of the year?


3 Responses to “when are the taxes taken out in stock trading?”
  1. Marco R says:

    end of the year when you pay your taxes

  2. muncie birder says:

    On stock transactions, you are responsible for making the tax payments. Nothing is actually taken out. If you make a significant amount of money, more than $100, you will have to file a quarterly estimated tax payment to the government or face a penalty. If all you are talking about is $100 don’t worry about it. If however you should be lucky enough to make a gain of $10,000 then you will need to send in your quarterly estimated taxes.

  3. Yardbird says:

    You pay taxes only when and if you sell a stock for a profit; it’s called capital gains tax, and you report any capital gains on your tax return at the end of the year. If you sell a stock for a loss you can take a tax write-off.

    Your stock broker will not deduct taxes. You are responsible for reporting the capital gains.

    Stock Dividends are also taxable.

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