Saturday, May 7th, 2016

When day/active trading, how long does it take between choosing to sell and the execution?

I’m wanting to use a service on l? Line, such as electronic commerce? Mail or Scottrade for d? A trade. I wonder what the time difference between entering the decisive? N to sell and when the population? N venden.Sam actually, people like you make me re? R.


4 Responses to “When day/active trading, how long does it take between choosing to sell and the execution?”
  1. Brandon C says:

    I use tdameritrade and it usually gets sold the day youchoose to sell it as long as the market is opened. if you choose to sell when the market is closed then the next day the market is open is when it will sale

  2. Kevin R says:

    market orders are immediate, with three day settlement.

  3. newsflash1982 says:

    I trade with gnutrade and e-trade , but found gnutrade quick in settling settlements and also the product you choose gets sold immediately. I do not trade in individual stocks with them cause they do not have that facility but they are still good.

  4. Maulik Bhatt says:

    It depends on the type of order you have placed. Suppose you have GM shares (before bankruptcy, of course!). You want to sell those shares. You can sell them either at the prevailing price, or at some particular price in your mind. Suppose, you place the order to sell those share at 75 cents, you will have to wait till the share price reaches 75 cents. And if you place the order to sell them at market price, your shares will be sold at whatever lowest price at which the buyers are ready to buy them.

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