Thursday, April 28th, 2016

When Investing Be Prepared To Adapt To World Changing Events. And Fast

If you want to invest, should and must be able to adapt r? Quickly. There is no way to avoid that. There is a set few and old rules do not change so f? Easily as those of Benjamin Graham, the book m? S recommended and award-winning buffet. Buffett said that Graham’s book, “The Intelligent Investor,” is the “unique book that you need to invest. It is a great book and actually provides some excellent advice that will stand the test of time. But even this book, one of the largest, and has some minor revisions? l to be taken into account. Therefore, if one of the greatest history books, the book that made the man m? s richest in the world, reaching where est? now has some comments to make (web search, to find a mont? No forums and debates to discuss these changes), probably all dem? s book, you? to have some Member Review? n as? is f? easy to understand why? happens:. the world changes and est? changing. m? sym? sr? ask something that would be true now is a bit far from reality s? as an example r ? ask outside the financial markets is the health industry:. seems to change every d? as what they think about fats, proteins and carbohydrates. A d? a good, the next is bad and d? Next? s that decided? do not know and will investigate m? s. law. coldness, provided that, in reading, first check when public? and in what? context and circumstances it was written. You can make a big difference in what you think of? l. Always put everything you read in the context of what the author pod? to see at that time. Maybe something happened? just a month next? s of its publication? ny change? the context in which the book was written. Therefore, try to emulate the author’s mind to read and do some research before you read this book. Try to understand the conditions market that the author refers to and what? type of business environment was. Pass? s a little more? s before starting the book, but certainly better? and will help you with get a better comprehension? n the market as whole. In this way, you can? make your own opinions? n about the book and does not depend? nicamente some comments on the web.

About the Author Fernando Brinkerhoff is a long-time writer art? Ass and trader. ? L also? N like to spend some time browsing web sites of quality throughout, such as landscape timbers made and bracelet with a message


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