Thursday, December 8th, 2016

When should I sell a stock that has gone up tremendously in after hours trading?

Next? S an earnings announcement after trading hours, an accident? N rises dramatically. ? Duty? To try to time the peak of the negotiation? N after? S of hours (too difficult? Easy). ? Or should I wait and hope the stock price to go to? Nm? S high when the brand opens again to d? Next and then the time when it comes out? ? I can expect the stock price continue to rise to the d? Next?


5 Responses to “When should I sell a stock that has gone up tremendously in after hours trading?”
  1. Gediminas V says:

    Hey, there is no bad profit, as long as you make money and you’re satisfied with that so why not? Maybe it will gap down in the morning..

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  2. Shawn P says:

    You may be able to get a little more money on that stock. I would place a “limit order” so if/when it reaches a certain price, the stock will be sold automatically. Don’t be greedy though. Trust me.

  3. slavaret2 says:

    A stock going up in AH on good news is an indication of its future trend – your best bet is to hold to on what you’ve got and buy more as now you have a safety cushion.

  4. BigBen says:

    Sell on second highs. this is where novice investors normally comes in. But also depend on your goals and startegies

  5. ckm1956 says:

    In general, avoid after hours trading. Most of it is done by pros who will eat a general investor alive. Look at trading soon after the opening bell.

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