Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Where can I download equity option data?

I would like to find a way to download data on U.S. stock options. For example I would like to download all the tickers on the NYSE or the NASDAQ under the current price and the prices of actively traded options. I would use this data to help develop strategies for trading options.

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One Response to “Where can I download equity option data?”
  1. A nobody says:

    It ain’t going to happen

    Current prices, quotes and market information are reserved for exchange members. The members are the ones that pay to keep the exchange going, provide the activities, and make the prices, therefore they are the only ones that have a right to current exchange information.

    Information is provided on delayed basis to vendors who have been approved by the exchanges and to certain websites that have signed contracts with the exchange after they had been approved.

    You could apply in writing to the exchanges for obtaining trading activities and security master listings.
    You will have to provide a complete detailed business plan including personnel involved the capitalization of your firm; detailed file layouts; file transmissions including equipment; line capabilities; equipment to be used. this will not assure you approval but would let the exchanges know what you are trying to accomplish.
    This is not an inexpensive process, with insurance, line cost, and equipment it will be rather costly so you should be prepared to not only deposit money for the project, but also you should anticipate substantial volume or trading capital to make such a project feasible

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