Friday, October 20th, 2017

Where can I find an advisor for a career in options trading?

I think I like having my next race will be as a trader, car options utilizadas.Después a 14-year career in engineering and the IT world last year I moved into a career in finance, specifically as a commercial loan officer credit for a large ($ 1. 5B.) My career started in engineering education (including 19 hours of calculus and linear algebra) but my actual degree is a BBA. My education includes four advanced IT certifications self. I started investing in CDs, stocks and bonds in 1990, added covered call options in 2000 and long call options in 2005. Although I had never worked in the field of finance, my amateur interest in financial markets is large enough that senior management asked me my opinion on current issues and trends because of my exposure of my constante.Como work obligation will start an MBA in September and my course of study up to me while I am working on the graduate degree. Because of my interest preexisting heavy course work in finance, securities and financial mathematics would not be unusual. For political reasons I have to stay in this job for 4 years but actually have the opportunity, means and permission to rebuild me with an eye toward starting a career in the world of options so I desean.Sé that during my studies, you might ask teachers and counselors about this, but I prefer to find someone who’s really doing this to help me structure my courses and studies (formal and self-taught), so that while I get paid to learn I can be learning the things I ayuda.Como some here have seen (and answered my questions) that have at least some understanding of options trading. I found what I believe that a strategy of effective trading day, but has significant problems of being unable to scale and require constant attention to prevent the wrong side of a trend. Really need to learn to do stretches and other long-term positions so you can make thousands in a long term position instead of the $ 100 per round trip in 15 minutes I finish today and not have to watch every move minutes from 9:30 to 4: 00 every day worrying about losing an instant purchase or sale of oportunidad.Me would be highly appreciated if someone who has had success in the area of investment options can help me learn what I have to learn to have the mental tools and experience to seek a career in this field, or restrict direct aid, help me to find someone who can guide me in this regard. I do not think I’m asking a lot of time but I think the other does not hurt to ask for help instead of wasting money on books or seminars shaking trying to find a needle in the haystack of information otherwise uselss for mí.No hesitate to contact me directly if you so desea.Gracias in advance for any help provided.

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  1. Radar Man says:

    I been trading options for some time, focusing on premium selling. My favorite strategy are credit spread and calendars. Dan Sheridan is a great option mentor. You can watch his videos at the

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