Monday, February 16th, 2015

Where can I find good stock trading software?

Hello everyone, I’ve been trading stocks for the low m? S than one year or, but s? What Ive been guessing the direction? N stocks and have had mixed results, I o? Do professional traders often use bespoke software to find jobs. Im hunting around the site? anyone knows d Outlets: Where I can find something like this? Any help is greatly apreciada.John.

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  1. Igor D says:

    IN THE NET:)

  2. gmager says:

    The markets these days can be unpredictable and without tools, knowledge and a plan, you’re unlikely to have much success. There are a number of charting and education sites that won’t cost you anything to use and will help you to build knowledge and confidence.

    One is devoted to technical analysis of stocks. They have lots of free resources like a weekly newsletter and great stock charts, as well as some paid services. I use only the free ones and use their charting regularly

    A very nice stock charting software that is free to use for as long as you like is at – I have used it for nearly 10 years and it can build charts that are simple or very advanced. You’ll need a connection to a data feed for the charts; some are free and some can be expensive.
    The software was originally developed independently but was purchased by TD Ameritrade brokerage about two years ago, so if you have an account with them, you’ll also get free stock charting data to run the software. The software has a ton of features, and can be a little intimidating, but I use it daily and like it a lot.

    For something a bit simpler, another way to go would be an all in one free applcation like – there again are sections that are free and some paid services, but all the basics like charting, research, and trading ideas are all free. They have you register to download the software and they will likely start sending email, but the list is easy to unsubscribe if you choose.

    There are many choices available in the market that are free or very cheap and you only need to decide what sort of trading or investing appeals to you in order to narrow things down. An article I came across recently may help you to answer that question :

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