Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Where To Find Certainties –Stock Trading Analysis (17)

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    2 Responses to “Where To Find Certainties –Stock Trading Analysis (17)”
    1. stockfessor says:

      I’m not an analyst but I can give a good guess.
      SGAL went from $35 to $75, not from .01 as you said. The volume is only 564 which is minute compared to other stocks. I think this company is minute too in comparison with others.
      This means one person can bring the price up in one transaction. He can bring it to a million dollars if he wants, and to one dollar the next day.
      Go ahead if you want to play with this company. I won’t.

    2. Nicole191919191919 says:

      Here is a question that I have yet to have answered by any analyst: Can you explain or perhaps offer an educated guess as to why or how SGAL has gone from .01 to $75 as of 25 Nov 08 at 11:11 am EST? This is quite puzzling but proving to providing me with astronomical profits.

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