Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Which do you think is the best online stock trading company for beginners in stock trading and why?

I am a project manager in a construction company? Ny want an extra income as s? What a couple of hundreds of d? Dollars per d? To be sufficient. I want to make the investment? Na short term or maybe long on stocks of small or capital.


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  1. muncie birder says:

    Let me get this correct. You are a project manager for a construction company, but you want to spend your time day trading? When do you expect to do your day trading? Maybe I am reading too much into your question. Do you seriously mean you want to extract $200 a day from the market. To me that means day trading. I once worked in construction. I was out in the field 10 hours a day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week. And when I got back to the hotel room all I wanted to do was take a bath, have dinner and go to bed. Has contruction changed that much in the last 40 years?

    Anyway, let me answer your question. E-trade has a fairly decent platform for day trading.

  2. Dan S says:

    If you are new than you should not be day trading. If you are new you should research your purchases only buy established companies you know. has a good program. they charge 7 a month but that includes 2 free trades and trades after that are just 2.99

    don’t worry about timing the market, no one can do that and if you are working construction you won’t have time to watch that anyway

  3. derrik says:

    try scottrade.good ratings.just keep it simple.

  4. franksprung says:

    Email me at and I will send you right to the one I use it is the best and if you are going to do short term you are going to want to use real time charts and portfolios. The company I use is cheap and it is the best online broker there is. They have free real time charts and portfolios with a few trades a month. Also they have limit orders, stop, limit stop, trailing stops all at no extra cost. they have no minimum balance and no maintenance fees. there are no hidden costs at all.They also have excellent tools to help you.

  5. tyates999 says:

    Trading is a full time job and most people who do it can’t beat the index. Your expectations are unrealistic. Just invest in an index fund, or perhaps real estate given your background, or maybe just take classes and work your way into a career that pays better. Getting an evening MBA for example.

  6. KevinM200 says:

    Try . The most I pay per trade with them is $3 and I never had a problem with them.

    Good luck trading.

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