Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Which online stock trading company should I use?

I have a small amount of money that I would use as an experiment values. What online company would be the best measure of returns, customer support / service and allowing me to learn about the trade? Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Which online stock trading company should I use?”
  1. Uncle D says:

    Scott trade would be my first choice.
    Use the guide below to help you evaluate.

  2. Answer Me says:

    Scottrade is good and somewhat cheap too at $7 a trade and they have afterhours and premarket trading but….they only give you what, 3 trades to start? By contrast sogo gives you 100 trades to start and after that they charge you only $3 a trade

    You need only $500 to open an account without margin(extra money loaned to you by your broker to buy even more stocks). if you want an account with margin you need $2000. All of these online brokers allow you to buy and sell stock very fast in realtime for a fee. The fees range from $3 to $12 and more per transaction. I personally use sogo because they only charge $3 per transaction and no broker goes lower than that.

  3. Souvik says:

    If you are in India, use this link:

    I recommend you to go with Geojit. I’m benefited from this.

  4. Swing Trading says:

    You Should go for Scott trade.

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