Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Which websites charge the lowest commission for online stock trading?

Ameritrade said to be very low at $ 9. 99 per share? N and found? Scottrade. com with seven d? dollars per share? n. ? There are other places with lower trade without maintenance fees for inactivity /? Preferably, there is a site that does not charge commissions for trading securities?

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2 Responses to “Which websites charge the lowest commission for online stock trading?”
  1. zman492 says:

    The lowest, as far as I know, is Interactive Brokers.

    Certainly there are a lot of brokerages that have accounts with no commissions for stock trading, but they will collect other fees. Brokerages are businesses that must collect money to cover their expenses or they will go bankrupt.

  2. Never Sell Low says:

    I would suggest Scottrade. UNLIKE etrade and other brokers you dont need to trade a minimum of stocks per quarter to avoid any fees! So you can buy low, forget about them, and sell high later whenever your ready as their aren’t any maintenance fees. Other sites also require a large deposit that has to be wired from your bank account.
    With Scottrade there are many local branches that you can sit down with a person open an account and drop off a check (min $500) making it alot safer and cheaper if your new to the market. And if their are any problems their just a 10min drive away.
    And forget about e-trades $10+ per trade. At Scott’s $7 bucks a trade is solid.
    Don’t wanna pay $7 use this code when opening account…
    ReferALL code: RWFQ4282
    Referred by: Martin Michael Niessen
    You get your 1st 3 trades for free And if you refer anyone else you get 3 more for free. YOU CAN’T get any lower than FREE.

    I’m sure you will be very satisfied with Scottrades No Hidden Inactive or Maintainence Fees, their Customer Service, Cheap Trades, and Ease of use.

    Check out their Reasons at

    Have anymore questions feel free to email me at Or even better you can call a branch or chat online with a representative.

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