Thursday, May 19th, 2016

who is the best business to do online stock trading?

I’m looking to get into the stock market in l? Line, it is best to deal with?


12 Responses to “who is the best business to do online stock trading?”
  1. Intruder says:

    Have been using TradeFreedom for 3 yrs. 10 bucks to buy a stock, no charge to sell. Bout 2 weeks to set up. Minimum 1 thou to start. email me if I can help.

  2. Big J says:

    I like TDAmeritrade and Options Express. The best online broker for you will depend on what features and functions are important to you (i.e. research, execution speed, customer service, investments available, etc.) Barron’s does an annual ranking of on-line brokerages that will provide further insight.

  3. roger v says: for sure for newbies

  4. knodf says:

    Scottrade works well for me. $7 stock trades, 7 free trades with a referral, which I’d be glad to provide. Only a $500 minimum to open.

  5. frank rizzo says:
    7 dollar trades,no fees,free to sign up.
    and you can link your bank account to your scottrade account.
    very easy to navigate and have actual people to talk to if you have any questions.
    there was no minimum for me.

  6. Nedspeak says:

    Check out Scottrade. Works well for me.

  7. loyalove2006 says:

    check it out and don’t miss it

  8. musicblue99 says:

    I have using Charles Schwab for about 2 years now. They are coming out with a new website to enhance the Research. According to Barron’s, they have the best reputation for stock picks. 12.95/trade.

  9. betmoneyonit says:

    I use direct order entry, but my daughter showed my her scottrade set up and it was very impressive. Terms and conditions seem to be about the best from what I saw at first glance.

  10. Cullen says:

  11. Alex says:

    online stock broker SogoTrade has been offering $1.50 – $3.00 online equity trades.All accounts protected by SIPC.No inactivity fees and good customer service.

  12. Reeal J says:

    Lee there are many brokers and sub brokers who provide the facility of online trading. I have been in this market from lasf 3 years. IF thinking to go for online stock trading be careful. Before entering this market i would like to tell you. First learn about the market and trading straegies. The best online stock trading platform is etoro or avafx.

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