Friday, February 20th, 2015

Why Forex Trading is not for Lazy Wimps Is Forex the latest and greatest get rich quick scheme? Or is it a legitimate business that should be treated like a real business? If your actions are determined by your beliefs what do your actions say about what you believe about the Forex trading business?

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10 Responses to “Why Forex Trading is not for Lazy Wimps”
  1. arigreenblatt says:

    This is an excellent and very important video to watch for anyone who is serious about this trade.

  2. forextrading11 says:

    great video you have valuable information on the topic if you want more information you have an open invitation

  3. lukieboi2007 says:

    aquà aquÃ

  4. mapope says:


  5. loredanaortiz says:

    I have been negotiating for 4 años and the money does strarted constantly 2 años, I agree is m

  6. georgemargaris says:

    sÃ, learns first, and soon it counts real open, there am oÃdo that much, but. But sà ³ with a real account that is going to learn the gicos effects psicolà ³ to have real money in the market.

  7. tradeartist says:

    Yes you are absolutely right. When you are ready just open a live account to experience the psychology of real trading. Consider that one class at a college can cost more than $1000. So if you are ready to pay tuition and really learn plan to have as many live accounts lost as necessary to learn and it will still be a valuable deal in business.

  8. tradeartist says:

    @ LoredanaortizEsta is a good question. In the first place the belief that detrà existss of this the única razà ³ n that people make the things is by money. And that if him enseña something that in fact does not do it. à ? stas is false beliefs, but to many they have them people.

  9. tradeartist says:

    Well, some people find their highest fulfillment in helping others and teaching. Like Anthony Robbins and many people who contribute to the world I find fulfillment not just by extracting profit from the Forex market but by helping others and teaching. And yes, our managed fund business will probably benefit more people than teaching trading. Most people do not have the time and patience to actually learn to trade Forex themselves

  10. thecombatmaster says:

    a great advice. I finish beginning to interchange live after oscillating demo during about 4 months and am making (although little) the benefits coherent. I suppose that they use gr

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