Monday, August 29th, 2016

Will My Bankruptcy Hurt His Career in Stock Trading/Advisory?

My girlfriend works under a fidelity bond to trade and advise people and all those fun things. Therefore, can never be a felony or bankruptcy or a No? Number of other things on his criminal record or credence. . .? He is afraid that I have to file bankruptcy now it har? da? or career after? s we get married, because our credence can be drawn together and now easier than ever to cost the university? No loyalty / insurance. . .? Anyone know if this is as?


2 Responses to “Will My Bankruptcy Hurt His Career in Stock Trading/Advisory?”
  1. clerk1967 says:

    if you filed after you got married it will definitely bring him on it, because your married, if would have filed before then it would have not mattered, you may have to talk with an attorney about the law on that to make sure.

  2. Serge M says:

    If you are discharged from bankruptcy before you are married it should not reflect in any way on your husband after you get married. Similarly any debts you owe before marriage do not pass on to the spouse after marriage, i.e. creditors cannot go after his assets for repayment of your pre marriage debts.

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