Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Would a tax on stock trading slow down the churning and encourage investment instead of gambling?

Should the slicing up of mortgages Be Banned? How Could These Transactions Become more orderly and transparent, while making Some $ $. That Heard on the radio. Actually, it sounds like too much willy nilly Investing WAS going on. So, yes, maybe it Needs to Be slow down. Now, put aside your neocon stuff and Give Us Some ideas. Stop-start reacting thinking. I Asked the question to get ideas, not this recycled propaganda.


3 Responses to “Would a tax on stock trading slow down the churning and encourage investment instead of gambling?”
  1. curtisports2 says:

    Yeah, the answer to encourage investment is another tax. Sheesh.

  2. Marvinator says:

    We need to stop this stupid mentality of using TAXATION as a punishment or as a control. Taxation should be something people do as a matter of course, and using it as a punishment or control makes people NOT want to pay taxes.

    What we need is better laws about mortgage loans and how they are given out.

  3. robrobiii says:

    China taxes stock trading. Not sure about the UK.
    It is a good way to reduce the day trading of quick turn around speculation, but this is not so much the issue with the US markets.
    I think that the very low capital gains taxes also cause economic bubbles, and that the low capital gains taxes of Bush have caused a flow of money into unsound investments, so an increase in capital gains taxes might be a solution to preventing new problems of this sort.

    I don’t think that banning the securitization of mortgage debt is a good idea. But requiring (as in regulation) that banks maintain a certain level of liquid assets is a good idea.

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